"We at ASN appreciated the service Global GPR provided at our jobsite this year, we found they provided exceptional and on-demand service when required. We look forward to utilizing Global GPR's service on our future projects." ...J.W., ASN Inc.

I am pleased to endorse your work performance; this was done quickly and accurately and the deliverables were provided on schedule." ...A.F., St. Mary's Cement

Our police service has used your company on a few occasions. The cost saving for your company to assist us was well worth it in these days of financial accountability. Thank you once again. I would not hesitate to use your services again and I have recommended your expertise to others in law enforcement." ...Det. L.L., Durham Regional Police

SUBSURFACE IMAGING & geophysical GPR SurveyS

Global GPR Services uses Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology to provide reliable (NDT) non-destructive testing, underground locating and subsurface imaging. There are many applications for our GPR mapping services including private utility locating or to map drainage for golf courses before you dig, locating post-tension cables & rebar with concrete imaging before you core or cut, locate tanks (UST) buried underground for environmental inspections, burial site locating & cemetery mapping to identify unmarked grave sites and we also find evidence and locate buried bodies for police forensics investigations. Lets not forget the original application for ground penetrating radar (GPR) technology of NDT geophysical surveys. These are just some of the services our trained GPR technicians can perform on site in real time. For those applications where you require a hard copy for future reference we also provide ground penetrating radar mapping services. We take GPR data and provide you with a detailed printout of the locations & depths of our findings plotted to scale.


Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) uses radio waves to penetrate the surface below ground and inside concrete. Since the power output is very low & not harmful you do not have to evacuate people in the area or have the work done in off-hours. This makes it a cost effective solution compared to other technologies such as concrete X-Ray. To learn more about ground penetrating radar (GPR) technology visit our How GPR Works page.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Subsurface Imaging Services for NDT Underground Locating Applications by Global GPR Services Inc.